Company Information

Stephenson Service Company was organized on August 20, 1930 under provisions of "The Agricultural Cooperative Act." Our Mission, then and now, is to improve the profitability of our members, customers, and owners. We accomplish this mission through our cutting edge services, high-quality personnel, and quality products.


You are not required to be a member of Stephenson Service Company to buy products from us. However, being a Farm Bureau member entitles you to patronage refunds from Stephenson Service Company based on the amount of business you do with us each year. Stephenson Service Company has returned more than $17 million dollars to our customers since we opened for business in 1930.​​​

​​The employees of Stephenson Service Company are the greatest resource we offer our customers. Each of our product areas feature a full-service team to support your business needs. As the general manager of Stephenson Service Company, I am proud that our service teams are ready to serve you with professionalism and integrity.​

Jay Kempel
General Manager


​​Keith Meier                                  Alan Flack
President                                       Vice President

Warren Zumdahl                          Nathan Babler
Secretary                                         Treasurer

Gary Brinkmeier                            Kevin Keltner
Director                                            ​Director

Todd Schlachter